Few specifications involved with casino poker chips


We can find with different varieties of poker chips that are used for the casino. The specifications for these poker chips will be unique for each casino and the host need to add some security features into the poker chips in order to prevent any frauds.  After going through the in depth research, some important information about the poker chips has been revealed. These poker chips are available in the poker stores of at least 6 sizes and contain around 64 colors. It is very easy to customize the poker chips according to your needs.  The poker chips are not sold directly in the public due to the security concerns of chip lines.  Different varieties of these chips will even accept custom inlays and they even accept graphics to be printed in inlay portion. You can change the pattern, size as well as color of the edge spots.

The security features with these casino chips are of major concern in these recent days.  Though the casinos are employs huge security features on these poker chips but the crime still continues. Some of the existing security measures that are featured with casino chips include Laser lock, UV pigment, Customized rim, Alpha dot, Chip soft and UV Ink. The UV pigment is used with edge spots and Laser lock material is a product that is missed up with inks and is revealed as a special laser pen. The weight of these casino chips can vary from 8.3g to 12.3g and many large manufacturers use with simple chip design and solid color.


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