Identifying clay poker chips denominations


If you are really interested to know more information about the poker chips especially the traditional clay poker chips then you must be in a position to identify the denominations of each clay poker chip. While playing at the gambling table there is quite different colors and number figures that can help in identifying denominations. By going through few simple steps you will be in a position to identify correct denomination.

  • You would have seen some different colors of poker chips floating around in the poker room. These variations in color play a prominent role while checking with denominations. For example, in clay poker chips the colors represent $1.00.
  • Obviously you have seen with pink poker chips while playing poker games with clay poker chips. They are not seen regularly because they represent half of the money amount. These chips will be of great usage especially in blackjack games.
  • Red is the most popular color that is seen in casino room. These red poker chips resemble to $5.00.
  • White chips represent $10.00 and you need to be quite careful while dealing with white and blue chips.
  • Green clay poker chips represent $25.00 and are used in higher stake games.
  • Black clay poker chips are worth the same as $100.00.
  • Purple clay poker chips represent $500.00.

Since poker chips colors means a lot in the casino games, you need to be very careful while dealing with these poker chips as this represents your real money


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