Tips to increase the chances of winning at Baccarat


As in many other casino games such as online roulette, in online baccarat there is no foolproof strategy. We must distrust all those Internet pages that promise us safe victories. However, it is convenient to know the rules and follow a series of basic guidelines. It does not mean that if we follow these guidelines we will win for sure, but at least we will have greater chances of winning. Click here for ufabet ดาวโหลดน์.

Our goal in this small guide is to unmask many of the myths that circulate through the internet. Certainly, the online Baccarat itself differs from other games, the house advantage is really low and, therefore, the user’s winning options will be greater if things are done well. Visit this site for บ้านบอล. 

Forget the last hands

It is very common to see in physical casinos how baccarat players point out what happens in each of the hands and, subsequently, bet based on what happened. Moreover, the game rooms themselves usually provide paper and pen to the player. In the online mode, the history of the last hands played is made available to the Internet user.

Do we really believe this works? Do we really think that the casino would give us all these facilities if it worked? Obviously not. We repeat it again: if there were a system that guaranteed benefits in Baccarat, or in any other game, the casinos would be ruined.

In each hand we have the same odds as in the previous one, without prejudice to the moves that precede it.

Bet on the house

In baccarat you can place three different bets:  the house, the player or there is a tie. It is quite common to have one of the first two results. The tie, however, is harder to see. Flaunting, and remembering that there is no infallible strategy, we can say that it is best to bet because the house wins, since the house advantage, in that case, is only 1.17%.

However, it must be recognized that, in the case of betting on the player, the percentage for the house would only amount to 1.36%. Up to 14.12% comes in case we play it for the tie.

After drawing conclusions we can say that statistically it is better to bet on banking, although the advantage is very small. The only strategy for Baccarat that is based on mathematical principles is this: always bet on the hand of the bank to minimize the casino’s advantage.

Don’t try to count the cards

There are certain similarities between baccarat and blackjack; this leads us to think that in the first one you can also count cards. It’s not like that.


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