Top 2 Mistakes That Newbie Online Poker Players Make


Live poker and online poker have basically the same rules. It is for this reason that many live poker players are turning to online poker and experience the same thrill and excitement right in the comforts of their own homes. Convenience is the top reason why the transition has become apparent. With online poker, players are also given the freedom to sit in as many tables as they want and enjoy the multi-game function.

However,  transitioning from live to poker qq online isn’t as easy as it seems. You actually have to undergo many transformations before you can finally be successful online poker player. What seems to be the problem with those who are transitioning? Read on so you don’t commit the same mistakes.

Playing At Too High Stakes

Considered to be the utmost mistake for any transitioning poker player, playing at a stake which is higher than the current level is something that you should avoid. No matter how successful you are as a live poker player, you have to understand that live and online poker are basically different worlds when it comes to a player’s skill or level. The key here is to start at a stake which is at least one level lower than you’re used to make sure that competition is leveled.

Unfortunately for most live poker players, ego seems to be getting in the way leading them to bet at a higher stake. If you want to transition from live to online poker games, start small and work your way up from there. Don’t listen to other egotistically motivated co-players. Do it for your own sake and for your pocket’s. Practice at lower stakes first until you get the feel of it. If you do succeed at these low levels then you can start climbing up the ladder. Don’t rush it up. Also, if you start small but sit on several tables, you can still win just as much.

Underestimating the Pace

Another notable mistake that new online poker players commit is underestimating or totally neglecting the fact that the variance between live and online poker is actually quite high. Variance typically refers to the fluctuations of the bankroll which depends upon how you run in the game. You cannot compare the pace with that of live poker. You cannot come prepared. The only way for you to understand it is to experience it yourself. The average deals that you’ll encounter will be at least 3 times faster than that of a live game. Fast-fold games have also become popular which is at least 12 times faster than playing live.

When you play in several tables, you’ll be quite overwhelmed as the effect will be doubled or tripled over and over. There is absolutely nothing you can do it. You need to experience it first hand to understand how the game goes. If you plunge yourself into the game head first, you’ll definitely lose more money than you’ll ever know. When you’re off to a bad start, you’d not only lose your money but your self-esteem, as well.

What you need to understand here is that you cannot compare live poker and situs poker terpercaya . The rules are quite the same but the experience is certainly different. The transition isn’t as difficult as you may think it is. Just remember to start small and get a feel first before you give it your all. The skills are different and the levels are poles apart. Maybe it’s time that you swallow your pride first before you do anything stupid. Don’t rush things right away. Just focus on the long run and you’ll do just fine.


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