201509270834254347Hurray! a new “bouncing baby” is born into the world of mobile slots and casinos. So, there is a good reason for the avid players of these games to rejoice. The name of the “baby” is online casino phone bill mobile payments (never mind the longevity of the name). Its essence? Ok, you can now make your games Billings on mobile phones, sparing you of all stress of going to bank for this purpose – amongst all other benefits. He has a good point on this and more.


(i)  Easy and convenient : especially for starters, it is easier and more convenient in that there is no more need for registration or signing up processes. No need to create extra account as players deposit the money into their online casino phone bill account through their phone credit. Also, no need to login to any third party site like PayPal anymore, meaning more time and consideration on the games par se.

(ii)  Well secured : it is now needless to expose personal account and banking details and this further saves players from falling victims to online credit frauds. Sake of say there is very limited info being passed to the merchant company, this makes it more difficult for any unauthorized entry into the account.

(iii)  Law protects players adequately: this is made possible through series of regulations that any legitimate casino must adhere to strictly. Through this, casinos are required to state the prices of each game as well as wagering requirements clearly in order to avoid any misunderstanding and breach of contract.

casino games live(iv)  Transparency : players can confidently deposit for games without the fear of hidden charges appearing from no where unusually.

(v)  Deposit limit : this is regulated by mobile phone service providers on a daily basis, in which each player has a daily limit of €30. This allows gamblers to play responsibly and take needed time to make their game choices and for how long.

(vi)  Less deposit, big win : mobile billing casinos are so lenient and enticing that small online slots deposit can help players to take home substantial real money rewards.

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